The State of Arizona just recently passed the Arizona Civil Rights Initiative which prohibits discrimination or preferential treatment of individuals based on race in public institutions. This initiative is aimed primarily at public colleges and universities with respect to their admissions policies (http://www.nas.org/polPressReleases.cfm?Doc_Id=1634). While I am encouraged by the fact that Arizona has taken steps similar to other states to ensure equal treatment among college applicants, I find it disturbing that such laws or propositions are even necessary when they are seemingly redundant with what is already mandated in our constitution.

            This issue received attention several years ago at The University of Michigan when a white applicant to the school’s graduate program sued for discrimination because blacks and latinos were given preference in admissions because of their race. This policy of preferential treatment is not in question. Public schools are required to make their process available and their blatant racism is actually documented. They have a point system when determining eligibility for admission and if you’re black or latino, you get more points. As un-American and criminal as this may sound, it is sadly the norm.  University officials will tell  you, right to your face, “When it comes to admissions at our school, we try to maintain a student body comprised of diverse backgrounds.” Well, what do you think ‘of diverse backgrounds’ means? It means based on the color of the applicant’s skin! Even as the issue comes to light, it gains support and validation. When the University of Michigan case went to the State Supreme Court the school’s policy was upheld. Judges said, “Colleges and universities in our state are allowed to be shameless, degenerate racist pigs in their admissions policies as long as their degenerate racism works in favor of the wonderfully righteous and noble black or latino.” Granted, I’m paraphrasing their wording a bit but I find it hard to phrase such a decision otherwise.

            These are the kinds of policies which can turn a decent citizen into a racist. Someone who is perfectly fair, objective and non-discriminatory who is victimized by or even enlightened to a policy like this could then easily adopt that mind set of racial distinction. Thereafter, they may justifiably demand or mandate distinctions in the name of any demographic which they personify. And the cycle of corruption continues.

             Once someone is aware of a policy like this, they could easily view minority professionals differently. What if you had to hire a doctor or a lawyer to help you with something that was important to your livelihood? When considering a perspective black or latino, would it occur to you that perhaps that individual got to where they are through less stringent standards? They wouldn’t be perspective black and latino professionals to you,  in that regard, had they never been distinguished as black and latino college applicants in the first place.

            Please. Aren’t there any minorities out there who are terribly insulted by policies like this? Isn’t it demeaning to know you gained admission to a school based on your skin color rather than your merit or achievements?

            The ideal means of viewing any demographic is to be blind to it. The more we make distinctions in the name of color or age or gender etc., the more we perpetuate that socially corruptive mind set. Again, while it’s nice to see Arizona’s initiative get voted in, I wonder how much destruction is already in place and worry about how much farther we have to go.

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