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WHY DON’T THEY ASK…? 1/20/2011

The recent debate about repealing the Obama Healthcare plan has brought up arguments on either side about the law that was passed last year.  One of the big talking points on both sides is whether the “American People” like the law or not.  During these debates Republicans often talk about the fact that the most polls show that a slight majority is against the law.  Democrats like to bring up the idea that when you ask people about specific parts of the law, they like them.  (http://www.boston.com/lifestyle/health/articles/2011/01/08/democrats_launch_defense_of_health_care_law/) I believe that this is a dishonest argument, and I have seen it presented repeatedly without being challenged. 

Let’s explore this argument unlike our friends in the media.  Polls can vary, but let’s accept that polls say people support the provisions in the bill that allow children to stay on their parents healthcare plan until they are 26 years old, cover more people through Medicaid, and avoid higher costs for pre-existing conditions.  I’m sure people don’t like the $500 billion that is cut out of Medicare, the higher taxes, the anticipated rationing, and the higher premiums for private insurance that will limit choices.  I get it now; they like all of the benefits, but don’t like the inevitable costs of the law.  This is like arguing that I like getting the land that comes with going to war, just not all of the killing.

How can this be allowed as a reasonable argument?  Why don’t they ask this of the defenders of Obamacare?  There can be an argument made for supporting this law.  Perhaps supporters think that the benefits are worth all of the additional costs.  By allowing this cherry-picking false argument to be presented, however, the media is doing us all a disservice in examining a critical issue for our country. 

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