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WHY DON’T THEY ASK…? 4/4/2011

There is a debate underway in Washington about how much money we should spend and how to reduce the deficit.  We are going to add about $1.5 trillion to the debt this year, which is already close to $14 trillion.  With baby boomers retiring, the costs are going to spiral out of control even more in the next few years.  I have watched liberal after liberal come on various news outlets to talk about the federal budget.  The talking point seems to be that the economic recovery is too weak for us to risk a cut in federal spending.  Why don’t they ask the guest in question, “Can you point to a time in the past, when the economy was strong, where you advocated cutting spending?”  Of course, when the economy is strong, liberals advocate spending even more arguing that everyone is not experiencing the strong growth that the country is experiencing.  It just would be nice to have them stumble on their current argument.

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