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Why should we allow government employees to unionize?  The private economy has shown that non-union employees cost less, and are of equal quality.  We should not allow the government to overpay for anything.  President Obama and other Democrats like to point to Walmart in terms of keeping its vendor costs in line due to its massive purchasing power.  They speak about the government purchasing power, and how it can be used to keep the price of drugs down when speaking of the drug benefit in Medicare.  Why shouldn’t Labor be viewed in the same light?  It is simply a large government purchase. 

Unions came to prominence in the first half of the 20th century due in large part to employers mistreating their workers.  Ironically, it has been government through employee protection laws that has taken the role of protecting employees from this mistreatment.  Setting work week standards, discrimination, minimum wage, etc.  This has eliminated much of the need for labor unions.  There has been a corresponding drop in private employee union membership over the last few decades, but this has not made its way into the public sector.

There is no substantive reason for allowing government unions to continue to overprice one of our governments’ largest purchases, labor.  The main purpose for unionization has been largely eliminated by these workers very employer.  With deficits out of control, government unions should be held up as an example of government wasteful spending like the overpriced hammer and toilet seat of the 1980’s, and should not be tolerated by taxpayers.

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