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Christian Damnation

There’s a pervasive misnomer in society which suggests that America is a Christian nation of some kind.  More specifically, that America was founded on Christian values.  It’s not.  And it wasn’t.  America is a free democracy, not a Christian theocracy.  That’s why there has never once in our history been an instance of legislation, policy or decision making which references a Christian foundation.  When was the last time a lawmaker or official said, “Well, we are a Christian nation and Christ says ‘xyz’.  So let’s do ‘xyz’.”  The idea of Christian foundation is nothing more than tired rhetoric from religious flakes who are either trying to indulge their arrogance or satiate their insecurity.Preacher

I have searched high and low to find any spiritual reference or reference to a higher power in any of our country’s writings or legislation and the few places where it shows up don’t even have anything to do with Christianity.  We have ‘In God We Trust’ on our currency which is little more than some formalized looking slogan of sorts.  We mention God in our Pledge of Allegiance.  We mention it secondarily to the colorful flag itself.  Some courtrooms still use “So help you God” in a witness’s oath.  When it is used, I wonder if jurors are then more so convinced the witness’s testimony will in fact be the truth.  Even in the constitution, the few references to a higher power come in terms like ‘creator’ and ‘inalienable rights’. 

“The founding fathers who wrote our constitution were all Christian.”  This is a defense which is often trumpeted by the spiritual brain wash victims who feel they must link their faith to their patriotism.  Well, even if that’s partly true, the founding fathers who wrote our constitution were also all male.  They were all white.  They were all heterosexual (as far as we know).   I guess it makes just as much sense to say this country was founded on white, male, heterosexual values.  How can people be so arrogant as to decide which of our founding fathers’ common traits is the trait which signingserved as their primary motivation in writing the constitution?  And if there was a foundation of values which served as the impetus in writing the constitution, don’t you think the founding fathers would have mentioned it?  The constitution is one of the most clearly written documents in history.  They belabored over every portion of it to avoid any confusion or ambiguity.  Yet, its supposed foundation of Christianity was left to be some kind of cryptic cipher or a Where’s Waldo search?  That would be like writing the Communist Manifesto without ever once mentioning socialism.

A further constipation of thought in claiming Christian foundation within our constitution is to suggest that the rules and laws and values in the constitution mirror those of Christianity.  Once again, how dare anyone suggest that’s where the motivation must have come from?  Had none of the founding fathers ever been associated with Christianity, don’t you think they would still have been able to make laws under the constitution making murder illegal?  The fact that murder is bad was a notion shared by just about every civilization prior to America.   Are Christians so arrogant as to think they had cornered the market on that notion?   

After conceding to the fact that there’s no means of proving Christian foundation through anything that’s written, a lot of bible thumping nuts will then resort to claiming this is a Christian nation simply because Christians account for over 60% of the population.  Is that all it takes?  Any numerical majority status within the population is grounds to title that nation accordingly?   If that’s the case, then titling America as a Christian nation counts just as much as titling it a white nation.  A heterosexual nation; A right handed nation; An overweight nation; A nation who doesn’t like anchovies.  Etc, etc, etc…

constitutionTrue faith is a very introspective entity.  It manifests itself in body, mind, heart and soul.  It shouldn’t be some badge that has to be worn on the sleeve.  A true believer should not have to validate their beliefs by insisting those beliefs serve as the foundation of their country’s structure.  If you feel compelled to satisfy the term ‘foundation’ with reference to our country why not simply say this is a nation which was founded on ideals like life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?  Although, Christians will probably claim they invented those ideals.  If they didn’t, then it must have been Al Gore.

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One comment on “Christian Damnation

  • Finally! Someone speaks the truth! Since when is this nation a Christian nation? We have Jews, Buddhists, Hindi, atheists, Muslims etc etc etc. Our nation was built on the idea of FREEDOM of religion, not the right for you to force your religion onto me or the rest of the nation.

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